Warrington Middle School

Dedicated To Excellence

  • The Warrington Preparatory Academy will serve the students that reside in the current Warrington Middle School zone for the 2023-24 school year.

    Warrington Preparatory Academy (WPA) Open Office Hours

    • May 24th @ WPA 9:00AM – 5:00PM

    • May 31st @ WPA 9:00AM – 5:00PM

    • June 1st @ WPA 9:00AM – 5:00PM

    • June 7th @ WPA 9:00AM – 5:00PM


    We are excited to welcome all students who formerly attended Warrington Middle School to Warrington Preparatory Academy. Our school is now a public charter school which means there is still no tuition, and you will still enjoy the benefits of a traditional public school such as free transportation and free and reduced lunch services.  The new school year will look different, but rest assured, your routines will remain mostly the same.

    Over the next couple of weeks, we will contact all current 6th and 7th grade students and incoming 5th grade students to go over the enrollment process. All students who are zoned for Warrington Middle School are also zoned for Warrington Preparatory Academy. There is no need to change schools.  We do have to transfer you into our system. We are working out the details and will contact you if you need to do anything. We are currently setting up our offices to best serve you and will keep you informed. 

    We are very excited to meet you and your children and look forward to starting a new chapter in the history of Warrington. We will have an open house and student orientations after we complete our campus upgrades. 

    We are committed to the Warrington community and Warrington Preparatory Academy students and families. We look forward to working together with the district and our community partners to give all students the opportunity to succeed. 


    Eddie Ruiz

    Florida State Superintendent

    Below is a fact sheet with answers to questions we’ve received. 

    • Did our school turn into a private school? NO. Warrington Preparatory Academy is a public charter school. There is no tuition to attend. 

    • Will Warrington Preparatory Academy be able to serve my special needs child? YES. We will follow the same process for IEPs currently in place with the district.

    • Is my child automatically enrolled? YES. However, if your child is currently zoned for Warrington Middle School, your child is also zoned for Warrington Preparatory Academy. You must register your child into our new system.  All students zoned for Warrington Middle School are guaranteed a spot at Warrington Preparatory Academy. 

    • Will you still provide free transportation for my child?YES. We need to know if your child is attending Warrington Preparatory Academy in the fall to create routes with the district.

    • Will the same teachers and staff be there? CSUSA is holding a job fair on June 8 and all teachers currently employed at Warrington as well as any others in the community are welcome to apply.  

    • Who will the principal be? We are searching for the best leader and will update families as soon as we hire the new principal. 

    • Do I have to buy uniforms? NO. CSUSA will provide every family who enrolls their child with uniforms at no extra charge. 

    • What extra charges will there be? The only extra charges are the same as those you had at the district school –meals if you do not qualify for free or reduced lunch, extra-curricular clubs and activities. 

    • Will my child still have a Chromebook? NO. CSUSA will provide every student with an iPad and every teacher with a MacBook. Warrington Preparatory Academy will be a Dedicated Apple School. 

    • What if I can’t come to the school to fulfill volunteer hours? Will my child be kicked out? NO. CSUSA requires volunteer hours from parents because research shows students perform better when the adults they trust are involved in their education. We will work with individuals who are not able to come to the school to fulfill volunteer hours from home. 

    • How will you keep in touch with parents through the summer? We will establish office hours, tours, orientations, and open houses and will continue to use school messenger. Our website will be updated soon with the most current information. 

    • What if parents don’t have transportation to get to open houses? We will come to you. We will work with local churches and community partners to set up meeting spaces and times to keep parents informed and involved.