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ECPS Hosts Annual Battle of the Books

Escambia County Public Schools (ECPS) hosted a Battle of the Books competition Saturday, April 29th, for 37 schools at the Booker T. Washington High School Gym.


 A total of 95 teams, comprising 450 students, competed against each other to see who had the most knowledge of this year's Battle of the Books titles. Participating students read up to 15 titles from this competition year's Sunshine State Young Readers and Florida Teens Read book lists.  Teams met before, after, and during school with their coaches to discuss the books' themes, characters, settings, and main events. 


On Saturday, they all reported to their campuses for the virtual competition with other ECPS schools.  The competition included four rounds of ten questions each, culminating with a final Lightning Round to break ties for first, second or third place.  


ECSD BOB 2022-2023 - By the Numbers

1 Locally created competition platform, “BookBattle”

37 ECSD schools participated (28 elementary, 7 middle, and 2 high)

30 Sunshine State Reader Books (15 elementary level and 15 middle school)

15 Florida Teens Read Book (high school)

60 Questions created for each grade level 

95 Teams spent months getting ready

450 Students (Collectively, they read between 2,560 and 3,840 books to prepare)


14 Teams Earned Awards

3rd Grade:

1st Place - Molino Park Elementary

Coaches: Gena Daniels and Rebecca Hatch

Team Members: Skylar Dupree, Gavin Varner, Brooks Thompson, and Emersyn Walker


2nd Place - Scenic Heights Elementary

Coaches: Abbie Shawley and Janette Calder

Team Members: Rhylie Sears, Odette Brown, Kirby McCool, Trenton Hedger, Ximena Ortega


3rd Place - Hellen Caro Elementary

Coaches: Amanda Olford and Daniela Reid

Team Members: Sana Huynh, Roman Harris, Elle Struck, Sofia Pelletier, Aria Smith


4th Grade

1st Place - West Pensacola Elementary

Coach: Bradley Vinson

Team Members: Kalissa Lester, Dylan Hall, Darrian Griffin


2nd Place - Molino Park Elementary

Coaches: Rachel Gilmore and Rebecca Hatch

Team Members: Meadow McKinlay, Audri America, Kaylie Chafin, Jaelyn Connors


3rd Place - Pine Meadow Elementary

Coaches: Michelle Williams and Cathee Edmunds

Team Members: Caroline Freeland, Madeline Bond, Minakshi Frazier, Derek Zheng, Emi Wilkerson


5th Grade 

1st Place - Bratt Elementary

Coaches: Shonna Gilmore and Sherri Carter

Team Members: Zoe Jantz, Brennan Keenan, Cooper Cartes, Riverly Heathcock


2nd Place - Beulah Elementary

Coach: Sara Smith

Team Members: Kyleigh Dunning, Mason Gibson, Ribhi Abusneineh, Mikayla Gill


3rd Place - Pine Meadow Elementary

Coaches: Michelle Williams and Cathee Edmunds

Team Members: Olen Thompson, Olivia Cerchiari, Christian Bond, Megan Gray, Alexander Robertson


Middle School

1st Place - Brown Barge Middle

Coach: Kristy Imhof and Peggy Hamblen

Team Members: Collin Taylor, James Perez-McElroy, Emma Joachim


2nd Place - Bellview Middle

Coach: Inette Gardner

Team Members: Melody Nguyen, Corynn Hosea, Alycia Wiggins-Pope, Milan Nguyen, Jacob Glass


3rd Place - Bailey Middle

Coach: Roberta Wetzel and Linsay Whitley

Team Members: Annabelle Martin, Cadence Low, Cora Huffman


High School

1st Place - Pine Forest High

Coach: Sara Ratliff

Team Members: Gianna Penaloza-Jones, Olivia Richardson, Ava Kibodeaux


2nd Place - Booker T. Washington High

Coach: Stefany Tompkins

Team Members: Elyse Carmichael, Allisynne Allemani, Elizabeth Ney, Beatrice Bunnell