Department of Juvenile Justice Programs (DJJ)

DJJ Transition (6-12)

  • Amber Scott, Coordinator                            Alternative Education Department 
    30 E. Texar Drive                                            Phone: 430-7446   fax:  430-7443


    Program designed to provide an opportunity for students to enroll in a regular or alternative school setting upon returning to the school district from an out-of-county juvenile detention facility.


Juvenile Detention Center (K-12)

  • Christopher Baker, Teacher-in-Charge
    Escambia Regional Detention Center
    Phone: 595-8823

    Residential program for students who have been before the judicial bench and who have been remanded to detention ages 8-18. Length of stay is determined entirely by the courts and HRS. (1 day to 6 months). No referrals from schools.

PACE Center for Girls (6-12)

  • Laurie Rodgers, Executive Director
    1028 Underwood Avenue                 

    Pensacola, FL 32504
    Phone: 478-7060



    PACE is an educational, year-round, day treatment program for girls ages 12-18 who are academically underachieving, involved with the court system, truant, have excessive discipline referrals or a case for expulsion. Referrals may be made from the Escambia School District, Department of Juvenile Justice, parents, and students. Length of stay is 12 to 15 months. No referrals from schools.

Escambia Boys Base (9-12)

  • Steve McLaughlin, Teacher-in-Charge
    NTTC Bldg 532
    Corry Field Station, FL 32511
    Phone: 850-266-2288

    Residential program for boys who have been adjudicated delinquent and referred to the program through the juvenile court, ages 14-18. Minimum stay is six to nine months. No referrals from schools.  

Title I Compliance