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    Use the online Bus Stop Locator Tool to find what bus you will be riding.

    Parents: Has your address or phone number changed?

    Escambia County Public Schools arranges transportation and other services by referring to the address on file at your child's school. Please help us maintain accurate and timely service for your child, and ensure that we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency, by keeping your address and phone number current at your child's school.

ECPS Library Access

  • Escambia County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school library collections. Beginning May 1st, a parent may log into the Focus Parent Portal and choose their student's level of library access.

    Unlimited: My student may have full access to check out grade and age-appropriate books that are available at their grade (elementary, middle, high) school library to include same grade level interlibrary loan as well as classroom libraries.

    Limited: My student may check out books from the library media center, but there is content that I would like my student to not have access to in the library media center. This selection will give the parent an opportunity to provide clarifying comments on the materials that may be accessed by their student. Students with this selection will not have access to classroom libraries and digital library collections.

    No Access: My student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center, classroom libraries, or digital library collections.

    Parents of Middle School students will have an additional form to opt-in for young adult titles in the middle school library collections. Middle School students without this permission will not be able to check out Young Adult titles.

    To make a decision other than Unlimited, log into the Focus Student Information System and complete the Library Access Form.

    If you choose Unlimited, you do not need to complete the form.

Eagle Technology

  • Please check out our technology page listed below for Chromebook help, Chromebook Contract and video, and many other useful tips and tricks. 

    Eagle Technology Page

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