The mission of Longleaf Elementary School is to provide a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to develop into responsible citizens as they progress to their highest potential.


    We believe that Longleaf Elementary has the responsibility for nurturing the educational, physical, social and emotional development of children. We must have a common purpose; for the success of this pursuit will, to a great degree, determine the quality of their adult lives. We strive to provide for the growth of all students according to their abilities, aptitudes, needs and interests. With the home, school, and community working together, we can help children assume responsibility for their actions and to develop self-discipline, integrity, and honesty. Our school strives for the development of an inquisitive mind so that children are challenged to become selective and critical thinkers in today's rapidly changing society. Therefore, we will use our facilities, talents, and teaching strategies to provide a solid foundation in basic skills. We will work to develop self-acceptance to help our students deal effectively with their environment. We accept the responsibility of providing a safe and secure place for the encouragement of growth and learning.


    Longleaf opened in 1975-76. It was near the bicentennial year, so they chose the Patriot as their mascot and the school colors of red, white and blue. Mr. Cary was Longleaf's first principal. Many teachers at Longleaf today were here on opening day!

    Longleaf has had several wonderful principals throughout the years. After Mr. Cary, Mr. Garber was the principal. When he moved to a District position, Mr. Thorne took over Longleaf. When Mr. Thorne retired, Mr. Kent became the principal. Next, Dr. J. Payton was our principal. Then, Mrs. Reynolds became the principal of Longleaf. Both, Dr. Payton and Mrs. Reynolds were previously teachers at Longleaf and they were both there on opening day!

    When Longleaf was built, it was an open concept architecture. In 2002 the structure began the conversion to a traditional setting of individual classrooms.

    In September of 2004, the school building was hit by Hurricane Ivan. It left our school uninhabitable. Therefore, we went on double session with Bellview Elementary for the rest of the 2004-2005 school year while our school was being repaired. We used their facility and conducted class from 12:00 noon till 5:30 p.m.

    Our current principal is Mr. Troy Brown.