• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


    Every day your student arrives on campus, he or she will be greeted by our School Support personnel. School Support is available to help guide students to their destinations. Free breakfast is provided for all students as they arrive on campus. Students wishing to partake in the school-provided breakfast will report directly to the cafeteria. Any other student who does not wish to have school-provided breakfast will report directly to the gym. Students will remain in their chosen location until they are dismissed to Homeroom. Students arriving after 9:35 AM must check in at the front office. View the map below to see where you will drop your student off each morning.


    Students may be checked out via the front office anytime before 3:30 PM. No exceptions will be made for late checkouts. School buses begin arriving after 3:30 PM and will block most available parking spots in front of the school. We begin campus-wide dismissal at 4:10 PM each day to ensure our students are on the bus, walking home, or in their cars by 4:10 PM. All students must be picked up no later than 4:45 PM.