• Arrival: 

    Students may enter the building at 8:20 a.m. for breakfast or the gym. 

    The first bell is at 8:40. The tardy bell is at 8:45. 


    Tardy Policy

    See our tardy policy here: Tardy Policy



    Students' checkouts are not automatically excused. Students or parents must submit a note or a verification form to show a reason that qualifies for an excused absence. See "Absences" below to learn how to submit a note or form to excuse the checkout. 

    Only legal parents/guardians or those listed on the blue form may check out students. 



    For absences to be excused, make sure you either submit an absence note or complete the Absence Verification Form

    There are two ways you may submit the excused note or form: 

    1. The simplest way to submit an excused absence note is directly through Focus. Please watch this two-minute video on how to do so: 

    Focus for Parents: How to Upload Excuse Notes

    2. Or you may turn in absence notes to Northview's attendance clerk, Ms. Amy Holland. 


    ~See our Student Handbook page for more information on tardies, absences, and checkouts. 


    Attendance Clerk: 

    Ms. Amy Holland 

    850-761-6000 ext. 302004