• Escambia County Public Schools proudly supports military students and families.  There are resources for transition planning, academix planning, exceptional student education services, and more on our district website here. 

  • Military Recognition Events

    Veteran's Program

    Breakfast with a Veteran

    Story Time/Get to Know a Veteran Events

    Ongoing projects


Military Transition Program

  • As military families enter our community and enroll at Bellview Elementary School, their enrollees will be able to meet with one of the students on our Elite Eagle team. The Elite Eagle team is made up of students in leadership positions. Upon meeting with an Elite Eagle, our military family students will be provided with a welcome gift and a tour around our campus. Students will be able to visit all areas of the campus to gain familiarity. The military family student will also be paired with the Elite Eagle that gave them the tour. The Elite Eagle can continue to be a person that the transitioning family’s student is able to go to for any help needed as they adjust to their new setting. 

Purple Star Campus

Military Student of the Month

Outside Resources

School Based Mental Health Resources

      • Guidance Counseling
      • Referral to school-based Lakeview Overlay Counseling 
      • Navigator Social Work services (assistance with needs such as clothing, counseling, dental, food, medical, transportation, shelter, utilities)