• Ferry Pass Middle School Odyssey Teams Rank Top Quarter at World Finals


    Pensacola, FL - Two teams from Ferry Pass Middle School competed at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan May 25-27.


    Both teams, representing the state of Florida, performed exceptionally, ranking in the top quarter of all teams!  FPMS Problem 3 "Classics...The Walls of Troy" placed 16th out of 54 International Teams.  FPMS Problem 5 "The Most Dramatic Problem Ever" placed 15th out of 66 International Teams. 


    Competition consists of a Long Term Problem solution performance for each Problem that teams have worked on for many months and a Spontaneous Problem the teams must complete and get scored on without prior knowledge of what it is.


    The FPMS teams met students from all over the world, exchanging ideas and culture at the International Fest and throughout the week.  One such activity that brought all ages and cultures together was the very popular activity of PinTrading.  Each State/Region/Country produces special pins each year, which makes collectors keen on collecting the most unique and hard to find individual pins and pin sets.  


    The students made memories to last a lifetime and want to thank all of the community members that so generously donated to make this trip possible!  


    Ferry Pass Middle School -Problem 3A "Classics...The Walls of Troy"

    Coach- Allison Deese/Melissa Hughes/Cheri Stoker

    Matthew Allison Williams

    Michael Armand

    Rylee Garman

    Lauren Graydon

    Peyton Marie Jones

    Olivia King

    Natalie Marlow


    Ferry Pass MIddle School - Problem 5 "The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!" 

    Coach - Kaye Worley/Melissa Hughes/Sean Miller/Cheri Stoker

    Adrianna Geiger

    Jazlen Khadaran

    Kaitlyn Lewis

    Braelynn Mack

    Madison Inlow

    Manhattan Perry

    Sophia Worley


    For more information, contact Kaye Worley at lworley@ecsdfl.us , Melissa Hughes at mhughes@ecsdfl.us , Cstoker@ecsdfl.us or Adeese@ecsdfl.us .

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