Ferry Pass Elementary school building and parking lot

    In the late 1800's Mr. Edmond W. Whitmire donated property on Johnson Avenue and a one-room wooden school was erected on the site. The school had no modern conveniences. Water for drinking and for washing hands was carried in buckets. In the early 1900's the building grew to a two-room, two teacher school, still lacking modern conveniences.
    The first hot lunches to be served in this area were served at this school in the early thirties. Mrs. Georgia Parazine and Mrs. Helen Jones made soup and walked more than a half mile to bring it to school.

    The two-room building gradually grew to be a six-room school. In 1947 the elementary school moved to the Ground School Building at Ellyson Field. In 1949 the Ferry Pass Elementary School building of nine rooms and a cafetorium was constructed at its present site on Davis Highway. In 1951-52 three rooms and a library were added. Twelve new classrooms were added in 1958. Kitchen and cafetorium enlargements were completed in 1960. In 1977 four new kindergarten classrooms and a cafeteria were completed. The old cafeteria was converted to a spacious media center.

    Today, our school has approximately 600 students, more than 40 classrooms and more than 80 full-time teachers and staff.