Bratt - It's Typical America, But Not Its Name

    There's a small town on Highway 4 between Walnut Hill and Century, which has a name reminiscent of what many of us were called when we were young---brat.  Bratt consisted of two stores, three churches, a dairy, and one school--Bratt Elementary.  An inquisitive person had an interest in finding where the name "Bratt" originated.  He was told to talk to Mr. Oliver Hanks.  The Hanks family settled in Bratt in 1903.  L.G. Hanks bought some land in what is now Bratt, where he built a store with a Post Office in it.  The Post Office needed a name, so Hanks submitted three names for consideration.  The Post Office was on the land owned by a man named "Bratt", and as it turned out, Bratt was the name that was picked to name the Post Office.  The land the house is on was bought by L. g. Hanks for $2.89.  The lot covers 40 acres.