Parents – Welcome to the

    QuaverEd Family!

    QuaverEd is a nationally-recognized, online platform built for Pre-K-8th grade students. Each of our curriculum products — QuaverMusic and Quaver Pre-K,— operates on the platform and is designed to provide students with a Seriously Fun Education. 

    We recognize and believe that you are your children’s first and most invested teacher. At QuaverEd, we built our curricula to work alongside both you and the school to help support the goals and values you have for your children. 

    The Quaver Five — Be Safe, Be Polite, Be Cooperative, Be Responsible, and Be Kind — are an important part of many QuaverEd classrooms. We love how these five guiding principles help QuaverEd students and teachers create a positive learning environment.

    In that spirit, we also wanted to share with you our Quaver principles. 

    • QuaverEd will always promote transparency in our lessons, our platform, and our products.
    • QuaverEd will provide curricula free from any and all political themes, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive material.  Our focus in all our curricula is on providing high-quality, standards-aligned, engaging lessons for your children. That’s it.
    • QuaverEd refuses to sell or share student data or use it for our own marketing purposes. Ever. We respect your privacy and do not retain assessment results or share data regarding platform usage. 
    • QuaverEd will always welcome any feedback, suggestions, or questions you may have. 
  • Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Curriculum Link

    QuaverMusic is taught in over 18,000 schools worldwide, with nearly four million students engaged in music education. We have an active partnership with many of the largest school districts and non-profit organizations in America, including the National Museum for African American Music. Quaver operates in all Department of Defense schools and in over 30 State Department schools around the world. In addition, Quaver’s President is a Board Member of American for the Arts. We are a nationally-recognized leader in music education.


    Music education unlocks students' creativity, builds self-confidence, and provides essential life skills. Combined with accessible modern technology, QuaverEd is one of the most powerful tools in the classroom.