• Transportation

Change of Transportation Request

  • If a student is going home with another student, the parents of both students must submit the request in writing.

    This includes both bus and car riders.


  • Bus Riders

Bus Rules

    • Students must sit in assigned seats
    • Students must be seated and buckled up while on the bus
    • No food, drink, or gum on the bus
    • Keep feet, backpacks, and instruments out of the aisles
    • Students may get on/off on their assigned stop only unless proper paperwork has been submitted and approved by the office
    • No cell phones, cameras, music, ipods or electronic devices
    • No writing or defacing in any way, any area of the bus
    • Maintain classroom conduct while on the bus
    • No use of profane language
    • No throwing of any object out the bus windows
    • No stomping, yelling, or clapping hands (sudden noises can result in accidents)
    • Wait until the bus stops before boarding or leaving the bus
    • Keep head and hands inside the bus at all times
    • Leave the bus only with the consent of the driver
    • Remain silent when approaching or crossing railroad tracks.
    • No reptiles, snakes, bugs, animals or marine life (dead or alive), glass containers of any kind, sharp objects or cutting instruments, or weapons of any kind are allowed on the bus

    Violations of any rule may result in suspension, expulsion or loss of bus privileges.