• Bus Safety


    For students' safety, all classroom teachers walk students to the buses, drop them at the appropriate bus and wait until the buses leave before leaving the bus area.

    Once on the bus, students must follow these simple rules:

         1. Take a seat and remain seated while the bus is moving.

         2. ALWAYS wear a seatbelt.

         3. Use quiet/inside voices.

         4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

         5. Follow bus driver directions.

         6. Keep your belongings put away.

    IMPORTANT: School Board Policy: Students will not be granted permission to ride a bus other than the one assigned nor will they be granted permission to get on/off the bus at a stop other than their regular assigned stop. Any request for a change will be submitted to the principal or assistant principal for prior approval and will become the permanent stop for the entire school year. If your child regularly rides a bus and will be picked up instead, you must notify the teacher in writing of this change. If you have more than one child at Warrington Elementary, each child needs a note. This helps avoid confusion. Notes should be sent with children in the morning. Do not fax notes to school.


    Ride with Pride!

    Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe, but above all

    Be a Role Model!!




    All volunteers must fill out the appropriate required forms and attend a volunteer training session. Please contact the Assistant Principal if you would like to volunteer.



    All medication will be kept and administered in the clinic. YOUR CHILD MUST HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM HIS OR HER DOCTOR TO TAKE MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL.



    • All parents/guardians/visitors must report directly to the school office.
    • The school personnel will provide information and assistance in an effort to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.
    • Please remember that conferences and classroom visitations must be scheduled in advance.
    • For the safety of all our students, visitors are required to show a photo ID before being given a visitors pass. 

    School Safety