Current Partners in Education

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  • Thank you to our current Partner in Education, Olive Baptist Church Warrington Campus.

    We appreciate everything you do for us!

  • Are you interested in becoming a School Partner or Sponsor?

    Partnerships are collaborative efforts to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and objectives by matching community resources to identified needs of the school system or individual school. In meeting these goals and objectives, school resources are also matched to the identified need of a particular partner such as a business, university or community group.


    The relationship with the school probably revolves around donations given once or twice a year. These are financial or “in-kind” donations and support a particular event.

    School Partners

    School Partners are relationships that are ongoing throughout the year and typically involve the entire school. Regular communication, mutual objectives and specific outcomes are part of these relationships. Recommitment is usually done each year. School Partners may want to provide money, manpower, materials or training, or serve on the Advisory Council, share knowledge or support programs or fundraising.


    Business Partner Brochure

    ECSD Partners in Education Agreement Form