• Student-led Transition Program:


    All students who are new to Jim Allen are assigned a buddy student within their classroom who accompanies them to class on their first day. This buddy will also help them learn about our school, including school and classroom rules and procedures, and the locations of the cafeteria, library, clinic, playgrounds, and gym.

  • Military Recognition Events:


    Veterans' Day Program, November 9, 2023 
    Veterans' Day 2023
    Veterans' Program 2023
    Letters to Florida National Guard, December 2023
    Valentines for Veterans, February 2024
Purple Star School

ECPS Military Webpage

  • Point of Contact:


    Stephanie Gilmore

    Assistant Principal


    850-937-2260 X515015


    ECPS Military Families Webpage

    "Escambia County Public Schools proudly supports military students and families."

    Access this site for these resources:

    Transition Planning
    School Choice
    Academic Planning
    Exceptional Student Education Services