• Sponsor - Mike Williams

    The purpose of the Ransom History Club is:

    • To encourage students of diverse backgrounds and varying abilities with a genuine interest in history,
    • To learn and develop historical research and writing skills,
    • To gain knowledge of history through research, site visits, and exposure to guest speakers,
    • To encourage student participation in the local History Fair,
    • To teach the concept of "citizenship" by utilizing the talents of Ransom students towards community and schoolwide improvements, and to have fun with others who share the same interest in history.

    Some of the activities that the Ransom History Club will sponsor include:

    • Field trips to museums and other historical sites,
    • Discovering careers in history-based fields,
    • Learning historical research and writing techniques,
    • Participating in community and school improvement activities,
    • Participating in local, state, and national level History Fairs.