Positive Behavior Intervention Support

    Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) implemented school wide at Navy Point Elementary. PBIS is a proactive process used in schools to promote desired student behavior. PBIS methods are researched-based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behavior in the school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance.

    Navy Point Mission Statement

    All members of the school community work together to motivate students to develop into successful learners, good citizens, and future leaders.


    Student’s citizenship grades within their classroom will reflect their ability to follow our school-wide expectations. Students that earn an A or B for citizenship in any given month will be given the opportunity to participate in a special citizenship celebration.

    Behavior Tips to Use at Home & School

    1. Remember 5 positives to 1 negative

    2. Set the stage for success, reward the effort

    3. Give clear and specific directions

    4. Stay calm, use calm voice

    5. Set reasonable limits- Avoid using "always" or "never"

    6. Be CONSISTENT- "Yes means Yes and No means No"

    7. Set the example- actions speak louder than words

    8. Anticipate situations

    9. Have patience- A little goes a long way

    10. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

NPES Students
  • Navy Point Pilot Patches

    Students will earn Navy Point Patches for following school expectations. Students can earn respect, responsibility, and ready patches.  Students can spend their patches on various rewards through out the school year, including the chance to trade their paper patches in for real patches! 

Patch 1
Patch 2
Patch 3