• Who Are Military & Family Life Counselors and What Do They Do?

    Child and Youth Behavioral (CYB) Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC) are:

    • Masters or Doctorate level licensed counselors specializing in child and youth behavioral issues
    • Available at no cost to assist children, parents, and staff
    • Available to provide short-term, non-medical counseling

    Our on campus Military & Family Life Counselor is available to offer a wide range of support to military families to include, but not limited to:

    • Improving social skills and maintaining friendships
    • Modeling behavioral techniques
    • Adapting to relocation
    • Deployment and separation
    • Reunion adjustment
    • Sibling and parent-child communication
    • Coping with changes in family dynamics
    • Managing anger
    • Building self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills
    • Counseling for fear, grief, and loss
    • Facilitating peer groups
    • Being available to parents and staff to discuss concerns and provide resources

    All services are private and confidential with the exception of child abuse, neglect, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations.


    Contact Information

    Military & Family Life Counselor

    Office: (850) 457-6356 ext. 504 111

    Cell: (850) 417-5539