• Imagine being in a dimmed room with foam mats on the floor and a pattern of lights rotating across the walls. Soothing music is playing and a delightful smell is coming from an aromatherapy machine. You are attracted by the various pieces of equipment that light up and invite you to touch and interact with them. The effect of the room is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. You are in a Snoezelen room.

    Snoezelen (pronounced SNOOZE-e-len), derived from the Dutch words for "to doze" and "to sniff", is a non-threatening environment designed to give those with severe disabilities and sensory impairments a multi-sensory experience. Snoezelen provides a full range of sensory stimulation and enjoyable experiences in an atmosphere full of trust and relaxation. In a safe environment, the primary senses are stimulated by combinations of music, light, gentle vibrations, tactile sensations, and aromatherapy. Participants can explore, absorb, and exercise control on their own terms.

    Multi-sensory rooms can open up a whole new world for individuals with sensory impairments. Research has shown that time spent in a sensory room can increase concentration, alertness, calmness, and general awareness of the surrounding world. Some of the many benefits of Snoezelen rooms include, but are not limited to:Relaxation, leisure and enjoyment Stimulation of primary senses Increases physical contact with others around them Allows participants to explore, develop, choose and have some opportunity to control their environment. Encourages physical movement and motivation Reduces tactile defensive and self-injurious behaviors

    A Snoezelen opens many doors for children with special needs.

    The pictures show our journey to creating this space for our Special Needs Students at BAE.