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  • ECUA is excited to announce the Career Exploration Program, a summer program for high school students! Students are encouraged to apply for this 5-day program to explore the behind-the-scenes of ECUA's operations in areas like drinking water, wastewater treatment, and sanitation and recycling, and to learn more about potential career opportunities that they may not have considered before!


    If you would like to apply, please fill out the interest form here:



  • Bell Schedule - Manatee Elementary SchoolSchool Hours 

    8:30 am - 3:10 pm

    Check our home page for changes in schedule.

  •  Important Dates and Reminders

    • March 25 - 29: Spring Break
    • 2024 BTWHS Graduation Ceremony TBD

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    Booker T. Washington High School

    2023-2024 Tardy Policy



    Tardy to School

    Students who arrive on campus after the 8:30 a.m. bell are considered tardy to school. Students who accrue two (2) or more unexcused tardies to school in a nine-week period will receive a minor disciplinary referral. Each additional unexcused tardy to school will occur an additional disciplinary referral. Consequences for each tardy are as follow:

    • Unexcused tardy #2- After school detention
    • Unexcused tardy #3- After school detention
    • Unexcused tardy #4- Saturday work detail
    • Unexcused tardy #5- One full day of In-School Solutions (ISS)
    • Unexcused tardy #6- One full day of In-School Solutions (ISS)


    Tardy to Classes throughout the School Day

    Students are expected to arrive at each class before the tardy bell rings. Teachers will mark a student tardy in FOCUS. A student who arrives tardy to class must present a district pass or check-in ticket to gain entry and will be marked tardy excused, “TE”, or tardy unexcused, “TU”, in FOCUS. A teacher may write a minor disciplinary referral when a student has arrived at class late without a pass and parental contact has been made. The teacher must note the number called and the dae of the call within the description of the disciplinary referral.