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  • Some of the Local Options for Post-Secondary Education:

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    CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION: Pensacola State College  

    PSC offers courses for college credit as well as technical education courses. Pensacola State College is a public, comprehensive community college that was founded as Pensacola Junior College in 1948. As the oldest and largest college in the Panhandle, PSC serves traditional and non-traditional students in Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama. 


    CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION: University of West Florida 

    At the University of West Florida, we believe in the power of higher education to drive change. We see that impact on campus, in our region, across the state and around the world.

    Our students confront challenges head-on, working collaboratively to solve them. Our faculty give them the tools to navigate choppy waters and the courage to seek new horizons.

    Based in Pensacola, we have additional locations in the region and an ever-growing global online presence. We've awarded more than 100,000 degrees from 110+ undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. 

    UWF is more than a university. It’s a symbol of success, commitment to lifelong learning and boundless potential.

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    CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION: George Stone Technical College 

    Our goal is to ensure that each student is afforded an opportunity to acquire the academic, career, and employability skills necessary to successfully enter the workforce.



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