• The Aggie Stable began operations during the 2015-2016 school year, primarily focusing on merchandise sales of t-shirts.  The store has now grown into a more diverse establishment, offering products such as cold drinks, hot drinks, hats, sweats, etc.  We have also added two new elective classes, called Customer Assistance I and Customer Assistance II, allowing students to learn more about business and help work in the store itself.  We currently have 120 students enrolled in both classes, and each class has a different roll in school store operations.


    The first period class is Customer Assistance II, and they manage the daily operations of The Aggie Stable.  The block classes, 4th and 5th periods, will help sell merchandise in the cafeteria during all lunches, giving them a greater understanding of customer service, cash transactions and communication skills, while also completing class work on a daily basis.  The 7th period class will deal with the end of day inventory and money collected for all of the sales each day, while also completing class work on a daily basis. 


    The course is designed to build upon the experiences each students obtains by helping with The Aggie Stable.  Emphasis is place on working in the school store, but also the fundamental core of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for today's business environment.

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