• West Florida High School of Advanced Technology
    Freshmen Summer Reading Program 2024-2025 School Year

    Class of 2028

    Old Greek Stories- James Baldwin


    “Perhaps no other stories have ever been told so often or listened to with so much pleasure as the classic tales of ancient Greece. For many ages they have been a source of delight to young people and old, to the ignorant and the learned, to all who love to hear about and contemplate things mysterious, beautiful, and grand. They have become so incorporated into our language and thought, and so interwoven with our literature, that we could not do away with them now if we would. They are a portion of our heritage from the distant past, and they form perhaps as important a part of our intellectual life as they did of that of the people among whom they originated” (Heritage History | Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin).

    Baldwin’s Old Greek Stories retells 15 stories from Greek mythology, including tales of both gods and mortals.

    The first story begins with Prometheus after the Titans waged war against Jupiter. Victorious and angry, Jupiter imprisoned the twelve Titan challengers in a deep dungeon called Tartarus.

    The other stories include Io, Perseus, and Theseus.

    PDF Version: https://www.heritagehistory.com/index.php?c=read&author=baldwin&book=gree

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