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    Jaguars roaring by and by
    Of red, black and white
    Ardor, courage, truth abide
    Forever swelling, unrelenting pride
    In honor of our might our cries arise
    Where we did unite
    West Florida High

    We pledge our allegiance to
    She who led us through
    Lessons with relation to
    The fields which we'd pursue
    The threshold of our lives is breaching nigh
    The memoirs of our time
    West Florida High

    Our ambitions realized
    To which we had aspired
    Jaguar spirit is recognized
    Established and admired
    Amidst the lofty pines tradition lies
    For as the years go by
    West Florida High


    Words and music by
    Robert Hanna and Annette Remitera
    Class of 2007

  • WFHS

    West Florida High School of Advanced Technology is an "A" school, where accountability makes a difference.  WFHS blends required core academics with technical education, developing students' skills in communications, mathematics, science, and technology.  Experienced, expert instructors merge leading-edge technology with challenging curriculum to ensure confident graduates with a vast array of options and opportunities for successful futures.


    In 2001, a group of forward-thinking community leaders and educators established West Florida High School of Advanced Technology (WFHS).  WFHS was originally, as it is today, a traditional high school offering the same opportunities to students as other high schools in the Escambia County School District.  However, in addition to the traditional high school experience, WFHS is a wall-to-wall Career Academy school.  Students have the added benefit of belonging to a career academy that further develops their skills and knowledge in a career area of interest.


    West Florida High School of Advanced Technology is an innovative high school focused on providing a unique, comprehensive, useful education that will lead to lifelong personal, career and professional accomplishments.

    The mission of West Florida High School of Advanced Technology is to prepare students for entry into chosen career fields or higher educational pursuits through incorporation of quality learning experienced by integration of academic and technical skills.


    Because learning is a valuable and lifelong process, the administration, faculty, staff and students of West Florida High School believe the following:

    • Students should be provided a challenging, comprehensive curriculum and a variety of extracurricular activities.
    • Students should be provided competent and professional instructors who are committed to excellence.
    • Students should be provided learning experiences that prepare them to be mature, responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society.
    • Students, administrators, faculty and staff are entitled to mutual respect.
    • Family and community should be involved in the educational process.

    Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

    • Recognized as an "A" school by the Florida Department of Education

    Offers the following:

    • 12 Career Academies
    • Advanced Career Experience (ACE)
    • Opportunities to earn industry certifications
    • Academic curriculum combined with technical training
    • Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses
    • Industry Certifications
    • Sports Programs
    • Band and Color Guard
    • Membership in additional clubs and organizations

    WFHS offers programs in football, volleyball, baseball, cheerleading, softball, cross country, track & field, basketball, soccer, swimming, golf, tennis, clubs,  and other extracurricular activities.

    Transportation to West Florida High School is available from selected sites throughout the Escambia County School District.