• Interested in being a volunteer at Hope Horizon? Considering our unique needs, we have different opportunities to volunteer compared to other local schools. We are looking for volunteers interested in:

    • Material Preparation (e.g. copying, cutting, laminating)
    • Presentations (e.g. career-oriented presentations, "How-to" presentations, community resources)
    • Assisting with special events (e.g. field trips, graduation, monthly PBIS events, community outings)
    • Facilities beautification projects
      • Building picnic tables
      • Building planter beds
      • Planting flowers
    • Mentoring

    If you are interested in volunteering, please complete this Volunteer Form and email it to our volunteer coordinator, Rebecca Timbes (rtimbes@ecsdfl.us) explaining how you would like to support our mission.

    If you are interested in mentoring, please see the applications and forms required and reach out to our mentor coordinator, Sarah Guy (sguy@ecsdfl.us).