Mission Statement

  • The mission of Brown-Barge Middle School is to meet the specific needs of each student through the implementation of a program of academic excellence which incorporates technology into an integrative curriculum. This curriculum includes individual and cooperative learning experiences designed to foster and promote a positive school culture. Mutual respect, ethical behavior, pride and integrity in one's self, school and community and success for all students will be the realization of this mission.

    --developed by the first year faculty of BBMS, 1988-89


  • We believe that each student, working at his or her own pace, has the right to pursue academic, social, and personal goals in a nurturing, supportive environment. We believe that secure students will be motivated to accept the challenge of the differentiated and integrative curriculum designed to produce academic excellence at Brown-Barge Middle School. The ultimate goal at Brown-Barge is to assist students in becoming happy, productive, and knowledgeable young people who believe in themselves and their ability to make a positive contribution to society.

    Excellencia per Scientiam is our school motto. We expect our students to strive for excellence through the knowledge they gain while participating in our unique program. It takes teamwork for students to experience success in our program and all parties involved are responsible for that success. The Success Triangle has been broken down into the actions of School Personnel, Student, and Parent/ Guardian. Following through with these actions and meeting the expectations within them bring the student closer to success in our unique program.

BBMS Success Triangle4