Gifted Services at BBMS

  • Brown-Barge Middle School is founded on a model designed to serve Gifted students. Our integration of subjects, mixed-grade levels, and project-based learning are all designed to meet Gifted needs. Each stream has a teacher with a Gifted endorsement, or in the process of earning one, designated to monitor Gifted needs.

    For those students who need more enrichment in their education, we do offer our PATS program. In May, each family of an incoming identified Gifted student will be invited to BBMS for a meeting to decide on participation in PATS and set up their educational plan for middle school.

    If your student is not currently identified as Gifted in Florida and you would like to begin the testing process, please contact Guidance.

  • PATS at Brown-Barge is a one-day per week 90 minute pull out enrichment program for identified Gifted students. Students work on problem solving, logical thinking, and creativity through themed courses that students preference like streams.

    For more information, or to adjust your students' participation, contact Ms. McGugin.

Odyssey of the Mind

  • Odyssey of the Mind is a world-wide problem solving competition. At BBMS, PATS students participate in Odyssey of the Mind spontaneous activities in all courses, or they can preference Odyssey of the Mind during first or second trimester to get a taste of a long-term problem.

    Learn more at

    Students interested in joining the Odyssey competition team should contact Ms. McGugin.