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    The Program for Gifted serves students who have superior intellectual development and are capable of advanced academic performance. A student is eligible if the identification criteria are met and there is a demonstrated need for a special program. Gifted students in grades kindergarten through 12 are served in a variety of delivery models. 

    Eligibility Requirements

    Initial eligibility criteria in Florida requires,


    • a need for services beyond the general curriculum,
    • a majority of the characteristics on a rating scale/checklist of gifted characteristics,
    • and a score of at least two standard deviations above the mean (130+) on a psychological assessment administered by a school psychologist. 

    If you suspect your child may be gifted you may request an evaluation through your child's school counselor office or contact the office of Student Services at (850) 469-5382.

    Gifted Endorsement Classes

    Escambia County School District provides endorsement coursework for school district teachers.  There are five (5), sixty hour courses required to meet the requirements for endorsement. The classes are taught both face to face and as directed studies. Participation in the program requires the recommendation of the school principal.  If you are interested in learning more about the program please contact the program specialist.  The following are the gifted courses required by the State of Florida:

    Special Populations of the Gifted

    Curriculum and Procedures for the Gifted

    Nature and Needs of the Gifted

    Guidance and Counseling for the Gifted 

    Theory and Development of Creativity For the Gifted

    Gifted Program Options

    Services provided to a student identified as Gifted are based on the needs of the student and are not the same for all students.  Service models used in Escambia County School District include the following.

    • Self-contained gifted glasses at the elementary level with a gifted teacher
    • Clustering gifted students in General Education Classes with a Gifted Certified Teacher (K-12)
    • Gifted Classes 6-12 in core content areas
    • Resource classes in which students are pulled out each day for advanced studies in core content areas
    • Elementary enrichment one day weekly pull-out programs
    • Gifted elective daily on middle school campuses

    Transfer Procedures

    Transfers Within the State of Florida 

     Students determined eligible anywhere in the State of Florida will automatically receive services in Escambia County.  The current Educational Plan will be implemented or reviewed to provide the most appropriate level of service.

     Transfers Outside the State of Florida

    Transfer students records will be looked at on a case by case basis.

    Military Transfers

    Based on the Military Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children, students who have been identified gifted will receive the same level of services as they received in the sending school district until initial eligibility can be established.  Revocation of consent may be used to document that services were offered but declined until the assessment were completed.

Contact Information

  • Pam Cebula
    Program Specialist for Gifted
    J.E. Hall Center
    40 East Texar
    Pensacola, FL 32503

    Phone: 469-5359
    E-mail: pcebula@ecsdfl.us