• Energy Management

Energy Tips:

  • Always use compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs. 

    Not only will you save ENERGY and MONEY, but you will also save TIME!

    They last YEARS L-O-N-G-E-R! 

    In the US, incandescent light bulbs are no longer available.

    Programmable Thermostats save money! There are many different types.

    If your office or classroom has a separate HVAC unit and a manual thermostat, please contact your Energy Manager for an upgrade.



  • The Escambia County Public Schools (ECPS) Energy Management Team will reduce the use of energy throughout the school system without impacting the educational environment while ensuring efficient and effective stewardship of public resources. 

How will this be done?

    • Develop energy savings habits within all levels of facility users.


    • Implement energy saving programs and practices.


    • Review and authenticate energy usage and billing.


    • Facilitate timely processing of all utility bills.


    • Research and recommend energy efficient methods and materials.


    • Generate an attitude and culture of energy savings.


    • Represent ECPS interests in committees and organizations.


    • Provide data and counsel regarding energy usage and cost.


    • Observe and report areas for energy use reduction.


    • Coordinate energy savings efforts with all departments within ECPS.


    • Incorporate energy accounting software to maintain clear and accurate records.


    • Develop and maintain professional and industry contacts.


    • Seek program improvement through staff development.


    Cost Avoidance since program inception in 2006: Over $30 Million
    Every dollar that pays an unnecessarily high energy bill could be spent on a much better purpose – teaching children!

Energy Managers

  • Always check the weather before you leave home!  You may need an umbrella or coat. 

    Remember to consider your workspace when you dress.  Just because it is cold outside, does not mean it is warm in your office.

    Click here to see what the weather will  be for the week!  www.weather.com

    Use less energy.  Dress according to the weather!