• ECPS School Board

  • We are the Escambia County, Florida School District Leadership Team. If we were to pick one word to describe us, it would be UNITED because we realize that working together we can continue to provide a quality education for all children regardless of their life situations and circumstances. When we come together to work, we put children FIRST.

    The 3 most important things to our Leadership Team are TRUST, RESPECT, and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.
    In order for us to work well together, we need to actively listen and respect all opinions.
    We do not take our responsibilities lightly. We will not let differences divide us.

    We will always recognize student accomplishments and continue to implement policies, procedures, methods, programs and services to motivate all students to strive to attain their individual potential, and acknowledge and act upon areas needing improvement.

    We hope to create a school district where parents will want to send their children, students will want to learn, teachers will want to teach, employees will want to work, and is a source of pride to the community.

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