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    RHEC Interactive Video Lessons

    The Roy Hyatt Environmental Center staff has developed new science-based interactive video lessons for 2nd and 5th grade teachers and their students.  These lessons include educational videos as well as teacher-led activities and/or individual student activities.  All instructions are included in each lesson.  To participate in these fun-filled educational-interactive science-based lessons click the following link:

    Click Here for: Rhec Interactive Video Lessons


    RHEC educational Videos

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    RHEC staff not only developed Interactive Video Lessons for use by teachers with their classes, but has also developed entertaining, engaging, and educational videos for use by all ages.  These are located on the ECSD Science YouTube page.  Follow the following link to enjoy some of the twenty fun-filled videos!










    Butterfly House at the RHEC

    The New Butterfly House at RHEC Butterflies are fluttering, flitting, and flying inside this beautiful butterfly house, just waiting to help us educate students and adults all about the metamorphosis of the butterfly!


    The mission of the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center is to assist students in mastering science concepts and processes through the integration of science disciplines in studying the environment. Our goal, from the Florida Environmental Education Act, is that the students "come to know the natural world as a complex system that must be cared for." As we carry out our mission and work toward this goal, we also further the strategic aims of Escambia County Public Schools, which are the following: (1) highest student achievement (2) a safe learning and working environment (3) a high performing work force, and (4) an efficient and effective system.


    New Building at the RHEC

    In 1968, the first Environmental Center, to later be named in honor of Roy Hyatt, opened to students in Escambia County, Florida.  In 1980, land at the present site on Tobias Road was acquired from the federal government.  The main building, which housed a microscope lab, reptile room, large classroom, and office space was demolished in 2016 to make room for a new updated building.  In 2019 the new building opened which houses a microscope lab, a reptile room, a large planetarium/conference/multi-purpose room, a bird/multi-purpose classroom, and an office space.  Other educational facilities at RHEC include the old library which has been transformed into the undersea "beach" classroom, the bird bus used as a bird blind for bird watching activities, another bird watching blind, the newly completed butterfly house,  the butterfly garden and gazebo, two  outdoor education classrooms/pavilions, as well as 120 acres of trails leading through upland pine forest, seepage bog, and much more.Normally, the instructional program each school year includes daily field trips with annually updated hands-on, experiential science-based curriculum appropriate for 2nd and 5th grade students.

    Original RHEC building

    Currently the RHEC is opened from August through June according to the academic calendar of the School District of Escambia County, Florida.  During those months it is opened Monday through Friday for educational field trips by appointment only.  RHEC is not open to the public, although we do offer several open to the public events annually.  Check the website and the Facebook page for dates and times.

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    RHEC classroom

    Nature Trail at RHEC

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