Welcome to Student Services

  • The mission of Student Services is to provide a network of support services to promote academic success by enhancing the personal, social and physical well-being of all students.

    The Student Services is comprised of five departments:  Guidance Services, Health Services, Mental Health Services, Psychological Services, and School Social Workers.

Contact Information

  • Dr. Lisa Joyner, Student Services Director

    Dr. Lisa Joyner
    Student Services Director
    30 E. Texar Drive
    Pensacola, FL 32503

    Phone: 850-469-5382
    Fax: 850-469-5346
    Email: ljoyner@ecsdfl.us

    Sarah Berrisford, Administrative Secretary, Student Services

    Sarah Berrisford
    Administrative Secretary
    Student Services

    Phone: 850-469-5382
    Email: sberrisford@ecsdfl.us