• Behavior Education Support Team (BEST)

  • The BEST is a group of professionals who collaborate to support teachers and staff to develop and implement a continuum of positive behavior interventions. Our role is to come alongside district and school level staff and provide behavioral consultation, professional development, and resources to help support staff as they work with students to achieve behavioral success in the learning environment.



    Jacqueline Jensen, M.A. - Program Specialist for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Emotional/Behavior Disabilities; Lead Administrator at Hope Horizon 

    • University of West Florida, M.A. - Exceptional Student Education and Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Email: JJensen1@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5424

    Sarah Guy, M.Ed. - District Behavior Coach/Safety Care Coordinator

    • University of West Florida, M.Ed. - Educational Leadership
    • University of North Georgia, B.S. - Mathematics; Minor in Business
    • Email: SGuy@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 429-5521

    Twylaa Akkerman, M.A., Ed.S. - Manifestation Determination Specialist

    • University of West Florida, M.A. - Exceptional Student Education
    • University of West Florida, Ed.S. - Educational Leadership
    • University of Louisville, B.A. - Exercise Physiology/Sports Medicine
    • Email: TAkkerman@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5432


  • Marcia Storniolo, M.S., BCBA

    • Florida Institute of Technology - Certification in Behavior Analysis
    • St. Cloud State University, M.S. - Special Education
    • The College of St. Benedict, B.A. - Peace Studies
    • Email: MStorniolo@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5410

    Amanda Mann, M.S., BCBA

    • University of North Texas, M.S. - Behavior Analysis
    • Florida State University, B.S. - Psychology with a Certificate in Performance Management
    • Email: AMann@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5624

    Shasta Tew, M.A., BCBA

    • University of West Florida, M.A. - Exceptional Student Education - Applied Behavior Analysis
    • University of West Florida, B.A. - Psychology
    • Email: STew@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5416

    Juliana Moraes, M.A., M.Ed., BCBA

    • University of West Florida, M.A. - Exceptional Student Education
    • University of West Florida, M.Ed. - Curriculum and Instructions/Comprehensive Program in Elementary Education
    • University of West Florida, MBA - Business Administration
    • Email: JMoraes@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 469-5410

    Peyton Foshee, M.S., BCBA

    • Auburn University, M.S. - Psychology
    • Auburn University, B.A. - Psychology
    • Email: PFoshee@ecsdfl.us
    • Phone: (850) 806-9742



    Serena Franklin, M.A.

    Email: SFranklin1@ecsdfl.us

    Bellview Elementary
    Beulah Elementary
    Hellen Caro Elementary
    Molino Park Elementary
    Montclair Elementary

    Rickie Merritt, B.A.

    Email: RMerritt@ecsdfl.us

    Holm Elementary
    Oakcrest Elementary
    O.J. Semmes Elementary
    Weis Elementary
    West Pensacola Elementary

    Faye Pryor, M.Ed.

    Email: FPryor@ecsdfl.us

    Ensley Elementary
    Lincoln Park Elementary
    Lipscomb Elementary
    Longleaft Elementary
    Pine Meadow Elementary

    Kelly Reynolds, M.A.

    Email: KReynolds@ecsdfl.us

    Bratt Elementary
    Jim Allen Elementary
    Kingsfield Elementary
    McArthur Elementary
    Sherwood Elementary

    Sandy Reynolds, M.Ed.

    Email: SReynolds1@ecsdfl.us

    Blue Angels Elementary
    Myrtle Grove Elementary
    Navy Point Elementary
    Scenic Heights Elementary
    Suter Elementary

    Jesse Ruiz, M.A.

    Email: JRuiz1@ecsdfl.us

    Brentwood Elementary
    Ferry Pass Elementary
    Global Elementary
    Pleasant Grove Elementary
    Warrington Elementary