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Interactive Videos

  • The Roy Hyatt Environmental Center staff has developed new science based interactive video lessons for 2nd and 5th grade teachers and their students.  These lessons include educational videos as well as teacher led activities and/or individual student activities.  All instructions are included in each lesson.  To participate in these fun-filled educational interactive science based lessons click the following link:

    Click here for RHEC Interactive Video Lessons

  • Lizard on a plant


    Owl in an enclosure

  • Iguana under a heat lamp

    Praying Mantis

RHEC Educational Videos

  • RHEC staff not only developed Interactive Video Lessons for use by teachers in their classes, but has also developed entertaining, engaging, and educational videos for use by all ages.  These are located on the ECSD Science YouTube page.  Follow the following link to enjoy some of the twenty fun-filled videos!

    Click here for the RHEC Educational Videos