• Speech and Language Impaired Program


  • Lisa M. Ard, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

    Program Specialist for Speech/Language Impaired Programs

    Phone: 850-469-5532

    Fax: 850-469-5671

    Email: lard@ecsdfl.us


  • The Program for Speech Language Impaired (SLI) provides screenings, evaluations, and therapy to students who are identified as having disorders of language, voice, fluency and/or speech. Services are provided in all public schools. Pre-kindergarten students are served at selected schools.


  • The Speech/Language Impaired Department will engage in a variety of student support services including early identification, curriculum based interventions, inclusion, and collaboration with parents and teachers to improve communication skills and surround the student with supports needed to facilitate successful academic achievement.  


  • The Speech Language Impaired Program of the Escambia County School District maintains the philosophy that students regardless of ethnicity, religion, creed, gender, or disability have the right to communicate; that communication is basic to human interaction and survival; and that communication is necessary for students to participate as members of society. The Speech Language Impaired Program defines communication as the ability to express and/or receive infomation verbally, aurally, motorically, visually, and/or technologically. When communication is impaired, the SLI Program believes that all students have the right to receive appropriate interventions and/or services for the identification, diagnosis, and/or treatment of problems in the areas of articulation, language, fluency, and/or voice to assist the student in reaching his/her full academic potential.