Tips and tricks for troubleshooting on a Chromebook

  • Chromebook won't turn on:

    1. Plug in for a full charge.
    2. Hold power button for 30 seconds.
    3. Remove any connected USB devices.

    No audio or bad audio?

    1. Check the mute setting.
    2. Make sure the headphones are plugged all the way in.
    3. USB headphones? Try a different port.


    1. Refresh + Power to log off when power is frozen.
    2. Logging off and restarting your Chromebook will fix a lot of performance issues.

    Screen Rotated

    1. CTRL + Shift + Refresh to rotate screen 90 degrees.
    2. Keep rotating until screen is correct orientation.

    Taking Screenshots:

    1. CTRL + show window for the entire screen
    2. CTRL + shift + show window for partial screen
    3. Screenshots go to your My Files.

    How to Right-click on a Chromebook without a mouse:

    • Press ALT + tap trackpad with one finger


    • Tap trackpad with two fingers