• Library Procedures


    Check out Policies:

    Kindergarten students may check out one book. First grade students may check out up to two books. Third through Fifth grade students may check out up to three books. 


    Second through Fifth grade students can check out one book that is not on their level (with their teacher's permission) as long as they have another book that is on their level checked out from the library.  Students can check out an "I Spy" book, a magazine, or a reference book after they have met their AR goals. 


    If the student has a damaged or lost book from Blue Angels Elementary or another school, the book(s) remain checked out to the student until the book is turned in, replaced, or paid for. Students may lose privileges until the fines for lost books are paid.


    Parents are encouraged to check out books for their children.  Parents may check out up to 10 books at a time.  

    Staff can check out up to 10 books and teachers can check out up to 45 books/ DVDs.


    Overdue Books:

    Blue Angels Elementary Media Center does not charge overdue fines; however, if a student damages or loses a book, then a book replacement fee will be charged.



    Students may request a book that is checked out - this is called a "hold." When the book is returned, staff in the Media Center contact the student to check out the book. Students may have up to two books on hold.


    Paying for a damaged or lost book:

    We accept payment for damaged or lost books with a check made out to "Blue Angels Elementary School" or cash.  Please send the exact amount.  If the book was from another school within Escambia County School District, please make out the check for the exact amount to the school who owns the book.