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    Due to construction restrictions, we will not allow anyone on campus to eat with our students. We will revisit this policy after our new cafeteria is open and operational.

    Normal operating procedures are as follows:

    If you would like to eat lunch with a student:

         - Have your ID readily available

         - know that you must be listed in FOCUS (Our student data system)

             *If you do not know if you are in FOCUS, you need to verify with the person who registered the student. Only someone listed in Focus will have the ability to verify who is listed for a child. Questions regarding students will NOT be answered over the phone. You must be present with identification. 

         - You may only sit with the child(ren) you are listed in Focus for. You will not be able to sit with the class. We have a special table for visitors and their students. 

        - Please communicate with the teacher if you plan to bring a treat. Anything shared with other students must be store bought and unopened before it is ready to be served.