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    Parent Accounts in FOCUS


    A parent or guardian will need to know the following three (3) pieces of information to set up a parent's account and attach a student to their account.
    - Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number
    - Student ID
    - Student's Birthday




    Directions for Creating a Parent Account: Click Here

    The link for parents to start the process can be found Here


    *This is the same link that a parent would use if they had forgotten their password.

    If a parent needs assistance in creating their account, they will need to visit the school for assistance.  


    Some additional tips for providing support to parents:

    - If a parent is having issues viewing information in FOCUS, check which browser the parent is using.  We highly encourage the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when browsing for information in FOCUS.  If a parent is using Internet Explorer they will have issues and should change browsers.


    - If a parent is unable to attach a student to their account, the usual cause is due to not having a social security number on file in FOCUS.  The parent or guardian would need to visit the school and provide that information pending they are the parent that signed the "blue card" which is the only authorized person to make changes to the student account with a valid ID.




    On the district website, click on Families, and browse to the F section and look for the link "Focus Parent Portal Registration and Reset Password." This link will take you to the following URL: Focus Parent Portal


    You can also click on the link for the directions on the Families page as well, Here


    To reset the parent account password, the parent has to know the email address they used to create the parent account. They can have a password sent to them by going to this link.



    You have to use the same browser and computer with a certain time limit to reset the password for security or you will get an invalid authentication token message.


    As a reminder, a parent has to know 3 items to add a student to their account:

    - Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number

    - Student ID

    - Student's Birthday