• Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program

    “Voluntary” at school and 24-hr. Student Accident Insurance for the 2017-18 School Year

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

        Each year the district provides parents with an economical option to purchase a student accident insurance policy to cover student accidents either at school or for a 24-hour coverage period (flyer with instructions on the reverse side). To help defray medical expenses (deductibles, co-payments etc.)  resulting from these accidental injuries, we offer low-cost optional student accident insurance.  The basic plan is a low ONE TIME payment of $9.00 for the entire school year.  This policy can provide valuable insurance coverage for parents that either do not have insurance, or wish to supplement an existing insurance plan.


        This policy is secondary coverage for students who are already covered by a family policy, but should be primary coverage for students who have no other insurance coverage. Students purchasing the “at school” policy are covered while at school or while attending any curricular, co-curricular or other school function as a participant under school sponsorship and supervision; and while being transported by approved district transportation. The “24-hour” policy is a ONE-TIME payment of $69.00 for the entire year and protects students 24 hours per day, including time spent in school or away and even on the weekends.  The District recommends the purchase of this optional insurance at the beginning of each school year or when a new student enrolls during the year since the coverage ends July 31, 2018, regardless of the date of enrollment.

    If you have a need to purchase primary coverage, the following resources may be available for you: 


    Florida Department of Children and Families                                1-866-762-2237                www.myflfamilies.com

    Florida Healthy Kids                                                                      1-888-540-5437                www.healthykids.org

    Affordable Care Act                                                                       1-800-318-2596                www.healthcare.gov


    The School District is not responsible for medical expenses related to accidental student injuries at school or during school activities.  If you wish for your child to participate in this plan, you may enroll online www.schoolinsuranceagency.com where you can select and pay for coverage as well as print your proof of coverage.  On the reverse side of this letter are instructions to assist you in purchasing the optional student accident plan.  You also have the option to print the enrollment form from the website, enclose the applicable premium and mail it directly to the School Insurance Agency at the address listed on the application.  If you have any questions regarding the policy or claims, please contact the School Insurance Agency at 1-800-541-8256. 



    Monica Silvers


    Use the toll free number, 1-800-541-8256, or website www.schoolinsuranceagency.com if you have questions about the student accident insurance.

    Higher Benefit Tiers and Plans are also available for an additional cost but the basic rates are as follows:
    -At School Coverage-As low as $9.00
    -24-hour Coverage-As low as $65.00
    The maximum medical benefit under the student accident program for any student is $25,000 per policy year.
    The Florida agent is Mr. Bob Fowinkle. The agency address is 120-53rd Ave. W., Bradenton, Fl. 34207. The toll free number is (800) 541-8256, or direct at (941)755-2628. The web address is www.schoolinsuranceagency.com. Coverage for a school related injury is retroactive to the first day of the new school term for those who enroll within the first 20 days of that date.
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