Take care of your assigned Chromebook.........

Parent Chromebook Contract

  • The Chromebook Contract for the 2023 - 2024 School Year must be

    completed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN prior to issuance of a Chromebook

    The Chromebook information, contract, policies, & procedures are implemented by   Escambia County Public Schools.

    Follow the link to complete the form: 

    Chromebook Contract.

    In addition, please view the video below.

Discussing Digital Drama

  • Rotate the Screen on a Chromebook

    The quickest and easiest way to rotate your screen is to press and hold CTRL + Shift and the Refresh key on your keyboard. The Refresh key looks like a circle with an arrow on it, located just above the numbers 3 and 4 on your keyboard. Each time you do, your screen will rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

  • Chromebook Charger Info

    Bailey Middle does not replace a broken/damaged Chromebook charger.

    We sell Chromebook Chargers for $30, or you can purchase one from the following vendors:

    Amazon - $15.99

    Walmart - $17.68

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  • bbt

    Student Password Management

    Are you locked out of your Chromebook?  Ask your teacher to use the "Teacher Access to Reset Student Password " tool to set your password back to the "Pw6digit birthday" default password for your account and then do the following:

    1.  Go here:  Password Reset  and change your default password.

    2.  Then log out and back into your Chromebook using the following:

    Once you change your password, your Chromebook may ask for your old password. Click the “Forgot Password Button” and on the next page click the “Proceed Anyway” button. That will sync your account with the password change.  

Resetting Your Chrome Settings Can Fix a Lot of Issues

    • Can't see Google Clasrooms
    • Homework/Assignments Disappearing from Google Drive/Google Classroom
    • Accessing Google Meets Issues
    • GMail Not Loading/Blocked
    • Sound/Mic Problems
    • Screen Flashing and Tabs switching  

    Follow the instructions in the video below to reset your Chrome Browser:

Chromebok Repair Procedures

  • For hardware issues, such as a broken screen, Chromebooks that won't power on, broken frames, or damaged keyboards....... Students should bring their Chromebook to the tech room on their way to lunch and leave it with Mr. Platt.  Students, please make sure you place a sticker/note on the keyboard with your name, student #, and the problem that needs repaired.   Once the Chromebook is repaired, it will be returned to the student by an office assistant.  If Mr. Platt is not in his office, please leave your Chromebook with the front office staff.  Again, make sure you place a sticker/note on the keyboard with your name, student #, and the problem that needs repaired.  

    Remember...........Students should not leave class for Chromebook repair issues.