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  • 2024-2025 Incoming Band Student

    Welcome to the Bailey Band

    We are so excited that you are interested in being in the Bailey Band!  You are 3 steps away from making the best decision of your middle school career!


    STEP 1

    Call 850-434-0317 to set up an appointment to try on the instruments!  This is not a test, rather an opportunity to see what instrument naturally fits your child.  Don't worry, your child will have the final say after they have tried the instruments within the spots available.  That's why we recommend doing this ASAP.  We like to say that the instrument often picks the child rather than the other way around. In order to have a balanced band, we do have some limited spots for some of our instruments so getting this done on our assigned sign up nights is important.  

    Step 2

    Once your child has chosen their chosen instrument (or maybe the instrument chose them), you'll then secure your instrument and instrument supplies as listed on the following document: 

    23-24 Bailey Approved Instruments and Materials.docx.pdf (PDF)

    Step 3

    Once you get your instrument spot and supplies secured, we do the work to make sure you are registered for band.  The only thing left to do is check out our Summer Band Camp Information posted here and save the date: 

    2023 Summer Band_ Harry Potter acceptance letter.docx.pdf (PDF)


    -Do I have to have musical experience to join the band?

    NO. Students do not need any prior music knowledge.  

    -Do students get pulled out of class to participate in band?

    NO. Students meet every day as part of a regular band class period. 

    -How many days will my child be expected to come before school and/or stay after school?

    There are NO extra practices after or before school except on concert days, which are one in the late fall and one in late spring.  

    -Can my child participate in Band and Orchestra/Chorus?

    YES!  Our administration values that music is important and works hard to honor multiple music class requests.  

    -Can my child participate in sports/other school activities and music?

    YES!  We have students in our band represented in every sport and organization on campus.  There are rarely conflicts and when there are, we work together to resolve it.  

    -Can my child have braces and/or asthma and still play an instrument?

    YES!  We have many students in band with one or both of these