• National Jr. Honor Society

    Current Members (2023-2024)

    Members will be contacted by the new adviser when the first meeting will be held.  At this time, the meetings may be before or after the school day.  This is tentative, but you should be prepared to attend meetings at this time. 

    Members who have not paid their dues for the 2023-2024 school year must pay them in August ($10).  You should wait until the new adviser contacts you, but I would be prepared to pay for this when the time comes.  As you know, the dues pay for the National Dues for the school and are the only fundraiser the organization has.  At the current time, the NJHS has $95 in the budget. 

    Officers will be elected after the first meeting.  If you are interested in holding an office, keep in mind that you will need to be able to attend every meeting before or after the school day which is a commitment that you will need to talk to your parent(s) about.  This will be helpful for the new adviser and those of you that were in the Star Block class can help the adviser navigate this process.  He/she will need you! 

    The new administration is very supportive of the NJHS and there is so much you can accomplish if you will read the National Website and consider the opportunities available there.  Many of the activities that other organizations have found successful for their local chapters can be considered for your chapter. 

    It has been an honor being a part of the implementation of the organization at Bailey Middle School.  I am hopeful that I can be a community resource for the BMS NJHS.

    Good Luck to you all. 

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  • Current Members: 2023-2024

    Jayden Biel

    Zoey Addison Brown

    Britney Bosso

    Luke Medina

    Derrick A. Williams, Jr

    Bria Pickens

    Charlotte L. Newman

    Alexander Juarez-Tello

    Kristina Vasileva

    Zoe Barahona

    Chloe Nichols

    Cheyenne Dietz

    Johanna Peetersen

    Matilyn Holmes

    Lucas Houseknecht

    Elaina Wilson

    Camden Sims

    Trinity C. Faxon

    Melanie Faxon

    Melanie Boykins

    Kamal James

    Mikayla Harris

    Cooper Pearce

    Cameron Heath *

    Kiley Johnson *

    Carl Murphy

    Grant Nunley

    Chloe Maddox

    Gracie Eubanks 

    Madison Laliberte

    Kiley Johnson 

    Braelyn Brown

    Derrick Williams

    Daniel McGinnis

    Cameron Cannon

    Tyler Brown

    Rayker Torrico 

    Dion Milteer

    Sam Sharaway

    Dreamer Lockhart 

    Gibson Ellis

    Isabella Esteres 

    Preston Hart

    Jani Brown

    Victorya Fisher

    Miko Graham

    Audrey Utley

    Aidan Barnett

    Annabelle Martin

    * Dues have been paid for 2023-2024.