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    The Department of Defense funded TRTRP Anchored for Life Program has been implemented in schools all over the globe to help military students feel more connected.  TRTRP provides resources to facilitate healthy and supportive transitions while learning skills to handle life-long situations.  The program believes that a team approach is the most effective way to make a significant impact on students.

    The Anchored for Life program is comprised of Advisors (Administration and designated faculty), Team Leaders (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade student leaders chosen by their teachers), and Crew Members (2 students designated by each classroom teacher to assist with specific classroom needs).

    There are monthly meetings with the advisors and team leaders.  Once a year, the team leaders initiate a community service project that involves students, families, and the community.  The team volunteers also volunteer in the Military After School Program.

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  • Military Recognition Events

    Veteran's Day Wall of Honor

    Students will be given the opportunity to decorate a star to recognize a special veteran.  Stars will be displayed on campus throughout the month of November.

    Month of the Military Child

    A month filled with special events and activities to recognize military families and students.

    May Day

    Military families and students will be recognized during this special, annual event in early May.