• Bus Information

    By authority of the Florida State Board of Education your child is privileged to ride a school bus provided you live two miles or more from school. The Escambia County School Board has extended this service to include areas deemed as safety hazards due to road and traffic conditions as identified by qualified highway safety personnel.

    We take this means to outline the basic responsibilities of your child while riding an Escambia County school bus.

    • Obey the bus driver cheerfully. (He/She is responsible for your child's safety and must be obeyed.)
    • Pupils are not allowed to:
      • Put arms, head, or legs out of windows.
      • Use any abusive or profane language.
      • Throw any objects from bus windows.
      • Leave their seats while bus is in motion.
      • Eat, drink, or smoke on bus, or smoke at bus stop.
      • Strike, push, or otherwise abuse another pupil while riding bus.
      • Take more that their share of a seat when bus is loaded to capacity.
      • Yell, stomp feet, or clap hands. (Sudden noises can be responsible for accidents.)
      • Push while standing in line to board bus.
      • Board or leave the bus except at their regular stop location without written permission of parents or school principal.
      • No reptiles, snakes, bugs, animals or marine life, dead or alive, glass containers of any kind, sharp objects or cutting instruments of any kind are allowed on bus.
    • Pupils are expected to enter and leave the bus in an orderly single file.
    • Pupils are to be absolutely silent while bus is proceeding across any railroad crossing.
    • If it is necessary to cross the road after leaving bus, pupils are to cross in FRONT of the bus, after receiving a clear signal from the driver that it is safe to cross.
    • Pupils are to report promptly to their principal or dean when instructed to do so by their driver.
    • If it is necessary to stand while en route (this is allowed only when all seats are filled to capacity, 3 to a seat), pupils are not allowed to stand in front of the front seats nor within two feet (2') of Rear Emergency Door.
    • Musical instruments which interfere with the seating and safety of others shall be placed under seats or held in lap of student to whom the instruments belongs.

    In the interest of safety for all pupils riding Escambia County school buses, a pupil will be reported to the principal for continued and/or willful disobedience of the above regulations and may be suspended from the bus.