• Our Namesake

    Miss Hellen Caro 1909-2000

    Miss Hellen Caro earned our love, respect, and devotion with her 44 years of public school teaching.

    She taught at Pleasant Grove Elementary when the school was composed of 1st through 8th grade. Miss Caro began her career in 1930, teaching fifth and sixth graders. Six years later she assumed the dual responsibilities of principal and eighth grade teacher. Not only did she prepare her students for higher education, she endeared herself to them by showing personal interest in their lives. Miss Caro was Pleasant Grove's principal for 38 years, retiring in 1974.

    Miss Caro was not only well known in the Pleasant Grove area, but being a lifelong resident of Myrtle Grove, she was active in her community as well. She was devoted to Myrtle Grove Baptist Church of which the Caro family was among the original founders, as well as being a charter member herself.

    Because of her commitment to these two communities and her strong roots in education, it was only appropriate to name our school Hellen Caro Elementary, since it is a blend of students from Myrtle Grove and Pleasant Grove. Miss Hellen Caro always had a vision for our children's future, always maintained dignity and honor, and always encouraged excellence in education.

    Miss Caro visited her namesake often, soaking in the enthusiasm of the students who eagerly showed off work and proudly presented their accomplishments to her. She was welcomed with smiling faces and gentle hugs each time she entered our halls.

    Years after her schools days at Pleasant Grove, her accomplishments and love of education remain an example of devotion to our children. 

    We are honored to carry on her legacy in education at the school named for her, Hellen Caro Elementary.

    We love you and thank you, Miss Caro.