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    The Pine Forest High School Counseling Department strives to provide quality and comprehensive academic support as we assist your student in reaching his or her academic goals. Please visit the Guidance Department Office in the main lobby to assist you and your student in his or her academic plans.


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      Meet our Guidance Department!

    1. Ms. Rosilyn Lee, School Counselor, Class of 2027. Email address: RLee@ecsdfl.us, Extension: 304032, Cohort: 2023-2024


    2. Mr. Joshua Steen, Academic Advisor, Class of 2026. Email address: JSteen@ecsdfl.us, Extension: 304333, Cohort: 2022-2023


    3. Ms. Tai Knight, School Counselor, Class of 2025. Email address: TKnight2@ecsdfl.us, Extension: 304031, Cohort: 2021-2022




    4. Mr. Charles Dix, Academic Advisor/504 Coordinator. Email address: CDix@ecsdfl.us, Extension: 304036


    5. Ms. Beth Hailemariam MSW, ILCSW , Mental Health Counselor. Extension: 304034 Bhailemariam@ecsdfl.us


    • Vida McCants, Student Services Secretary, Registrar, 850-941-6150 extension 304030 Vmccants1@ecsdfl.us




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