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    Military Families

    National Veterans and Military Families Month 2019 | Total Mobility Services

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    Transition Peer Program

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    Established in 2004, Student 2 Student® (S2S™) is a student program that brings military and civilian students together to welcome all new students, create a positive environment, support academic excellence, and ease transitions.


    Club Sponsor: Whitney Meadows


    Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month


    How to get involved?

    Students who are interested can contact Ms. Meadows at wmeadows@ecsdfl.us or our MFLC at (850)417-4757 or milfamcounselor0862@ecsdfl.us

    The MCEC Student 2 Student Program | Harker Heights TX


    PFHS has a new S2S Team!  Check out our page!


    Exceptional Student Education


    Escambia County School District offers a variety of services to best meet the needs of students with exceptionalities. Those interested can learn more on the district website https://ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/ese 


    Pine Forest High School does offer Exceptional Student Education. To find out more information, please contact 

    Military Families who have students with disabilities may also qualify for the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) at https://www.militaryonesource.mil/family-relationships/special-needs/exceptional-family-member


    Military Recognition Events

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    Pine Forest High School is proud to recognize our faculty, staff, and community who have served or currently serve our country. Each year, we plan a variety of events to honor our military. Check back for a list of current events. Past events have included:


    • Military Appreciation Night at a home football game

    • Purple Up! Month of the Military Child presentation and celebrations

    • Valentine’s for Vets

    • Veteran’s Day Celebrations

    • Mess Hall Meetups

    • ROTC Military Ball


    Mental Health for Military Students

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    At Pine Forest High School, we recognize that there are many demands on our military student population that may exhaust their ability to cope. Frequent moves, grief/loss, losing/making friends, separation from loved ones, etc…All of these challenges impact mental health. Students at Pine Forest understand that they are never alone in those challenges. We have several resources available to support our military and civilian students alike. 

    To learn more about military kids and mental health, please visit https://www.defense.gov/News/Feature-Stories/Story/Article/2843081/military-teens-mental-health-here-are-resources-that-can-help/



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    MFLC: https://www.escambiaschools.org/domain/2077 : Military & Family Life Counseling offers solution-focused, non-medical, confidential support to all of our military students by a licensed provider. If a mental health need is identified, our MFLC will work with you and your family to help identify resources that can assist. Our program recognizes the need for privacy and counselors do not maintain any records. 


    Mental Health Counseling (on campus): Students requesting mental health counseling from a licensed provider can do so through our Guidance Department. More information can be found here: https://ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/mhs 

    Fleet & Family NAS Pensacola: https://www.navymwrpensacola.com/programs/b5582870-84c2-431a-a8e9-d6432d0a0602