After successful completion of the program, students will be able to perform the following: 

    Culinary Arts 1

    01.0 Recognize and identify career and employment opportunities. 

    02.0 Demonstrate and incorporate workplace safety procedures.

    03.0 Demonstrate workplace communication skills. 

    04.0 Use and care for commercial tools and equipment. 

    05.0 Demonstrate basic kitchen essentials. 

    06.0 Identify soups, stocks and sauces. 

    07.0 Understand principles of food science in cooking and baking techniques.

    Culinary Arts 2

    08.0 Exhibit the ability to follow state-mandated guidelines for food safety and service. 

    09.0 Identify and explain front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house duties. 

    10.0 Apply principles of food science in cooking techniques. 

    11.0 Present food and beverage items to meet creativity aspects as well as quality standards. 

    12.0 Describe and apply the basic principles of nutrition. 

    13.0 Identify and summarize the various cuisines of the world.

    Culinary Arts 3

    14.0 Research college and career advancement opportunities in professional cooking and baking. 

    15.0 Follow food identification, selection, purchasing, receiving, storing and inventory guidelines. 

    16.0 Practice professional cooking and baking techniques. 

    17.0 Apply scientific principles in cooking and baking. 

    18.0 Identify and exhibit management skills.

    19.0 Comply with laws and regulations specific to the food service and hospitality industry. 

    Culinary Arts 4 

    29.0 Describe the history and culture of baking. 

    30.0 Identify careers in Baking and Pastry Arts. 

    31.0 Demonstrate an understanding of common Baking & Pastry Arts vocabulary.  

    32.0 Identify tools and equipment used in Baking and Pastry Arts. 

    33.0 Demonstrate baking mathematics knowledge and skills. 

    34.0 Show proficiency in imperial measurements and metric units. 

    35.0 Prepare nutritious food for individuals with special dietary needs. 

    36.0 Demonstrate standard preparation skills for baked goods. 

    37.0 Explain the connections and interdependency of food and science. 

    38.0 Demonstrate advanced preparation skills for baking and pastry products. 

    39.0 Apply the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully cater an event. 

    40.0 Demonstrate creativity in presenting baked products.


    The Culinary Arts Academy is a part of Career and Technical Education. Students will learn the following CTE career ready practices throughout the four-year program. 

    1. Act as a responsible and contributing citizen and employee.

    2. Apply appropriate academic and technical skills.

    3. Attend to personal health and financial well-being. 

    4. Communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason. 

    5. Consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of decisions. 

    6. Demonstrate creativity and innovation.

    7. Employ valid and reliable research strategies. 

    8. Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in problem solving. 

    9. Model integrity, ethical leadership and effective management. 

    10. Plan education and career path aligned to personal goals. 

    11. Use technology to enhance productivity.

    12. Work productively in teams while using c


    The Culinary Arts Program at Pine Forest High School is the largest in Escambia County and has the highest number of students passing industry certifications each year. Our mission is to prepare students for the workforce by equipping students with industry certifications to help students enter the workforce with knowledge and skills needed to be successful. 

    The Pro-Start curriculum was written and is supported by the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant and Lodging Association. 

    Students develop skills in career and job opportunities, basic food preparation, personal productivity, safety and sanitary work procedures, commercial tools  and equipment, nutrition and work ethics.

    Students have the opportunity to work in the Flight Deck Cafe where they will gain on the job training here at school.



    Students have the opportunity to earn the Servsafe and NRFSP certifications. These certifications are respected certifications in the food service industry. Students with these certifications will have an advantage when entering the workforce after high school. 



    Students will acquire skills for a wide range of food service careers that include but are not limited to: Executive Chef, Restaurant Manager, Teacher, Research and Nutritional Chef, Food Editor or Stylist, Sales and Marketing Director, Food Purchasing director, and Banquet and Catering Director. Students who obtain their industry certifications during the program will have an advantage when applying for jobs throughout high school and during college. 


    Students are offered the opportunity to qualify for Bright Futures and Gold Seal scholarships.  Students must obtain two industry certifications and have 30 volunteer hours to qualify. The culinary arts instructors will work closely with students to help them obtain this scholarship. 



    Chef Trent Black

    Hello, my name is Trent Black. It has been a privilege to teach students the integral skills of cooking and baking they will use for the rest of their lives at Pine Forest since 2021. I have degrees in Culinary Management and Baking/Pastry. I have served as the head pastry chef at several restaurants throughout the area, but I love to explain the science behind cooking, how cooking works. Eating great food is also a  perk too!